KCR for PM…Political Storm In Telangana!

Telangana CM KCR raised eyebrows with his rude remarks on PM Narendra Modi the other day. KCR referred NAMO as ‘Modi Gadu’ and faced the flak of BJP leaders. Of late, KCR has been talking a lot about national politics. Interestingly, he said that India hasn’t seen any qualitative change in past 70 years and that the time has arrived for a change in leadership. He slammed both BJP and Congress.
“If not Modi, Rahul will become PM but there wouldn’t be any change in lives of poor people. It is time for an alternative party which can lead India into future. When neighboring countries like China, Japan and Singapore are reaping why not India. Our country has got all the natural resources only think lagging is lack of committed leadership,” said he.
KCR hinted at forming third front. Political analysts opine that KCR is eyeing PM chair. The Telangana crusader further said that center should break the ice on whether or notr they are granting special category status to Andhra Pradesh. Jana Sena Party chief Pawan Kalyan has thanked KCR for his support to AP.
On the flipside, if at all KCR steps into national politics who would become CM of Telangana is a million dollar question at the moment. Well, his son and IT Minister KTR is popular choice among public. However, KCR’s nephew and minister Harish Rao is also considered strong contender for CM’s seat. There could be a chance of TRS splitting into two, speculate think tanks.


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