Magicians behind Maya Bazaar to Mahanati

Netizens are gung-ho with each every still of Mahanati. Especially, the Maya Bazaar get-ups of Keerthy Suresh and Mohan Babu  as Sasirekha and Gatothkacha are just phenomenal. Of course, make-up artistes and costume designers have done magnificent job. Cinematography also seems to be extraordinary.
The teaser and song promos have given a glimpse what it would be like. Dani Sanchez Lopez (Dani Sa Lo) is the DOP of Mahanati. The Los Angeles based cinematographer played significant role in presenting director Nag Ashwin’s vision on screen. Mahanati being a biopic on Savitri spans decades from 50s to 80s. Dani has done remarkable job in making visuals look authentically vintage.

Without any knowledge of Telugu cinema, the DOP must have done great deal of homework in getting retro looks right. Keerthy’s amazing transformation to Savitri made people wonder if she has been possessed by yesteryear actress.
Similarly, Dani seems to be possessed by Marcus Bartley, the legendary cinematographer of Maya Bazaar. The Anglo-Indian DOP was considered a magician behind camera for having created visual effects in those days. Gatotkacha swallowing laddus and flying mansion in Patala Bhairavi doesn’t seize to amaze even today.


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