Nagababu’s Jabardasth Comedy on Lokesh and Chandrababu

Nagababu trolls AP CM Chandrababu Naidu and Lokesh in what could be called ‘Jabardasth’ comedy in his latest video. The mega brother satired on ABN channel’s story on Lokesh’s Davos tour. The channel boasted that Lokesh has been successful in attracting investments to AP. It hyped that state is in top position in getting foreign investments.

According to ABN report, a filthy rich billionaire who met Lokesh in Davos have evinced interest to invest 5000 crores in AP. The businessman is said to have met PM Narendra Modi also but the PM asked them to invest in Gujarat as it is nearby to Delhi and bullet train to Ahmedabad will soon be launched.

However, the billionaire want to invest in AP itself going by the brand image of Chandrababu, quoted the news channel. Nagababu made a mockery at it with his satires. He alleged that recently launched KIA motors car in AP was not produced here but was imported from Korea. Nagababu’s made hilarious fun over ABN’s reporting. It has to be seen how TDP will react.


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