'Nela Ticket', None ready to lick the floor?

Ravi Teja Nela Ticket
Mass maharaja’s Nela Ticket is slated to hit screens on May 25th. The film is not creating much of a noise. Nela Ticket’s songs and trailer failed to create an impact.
Going by the trailer, the film seems to be a routine mass masala flick with nothing new to offer. Ravi Teja too appears monotonous with same old dialogues.
Kalyan Krishna has directed the film. Nela Ticket has got no takers from USA. Ravi Teja’s previous film Touch Chesi Choodu was a disaster in USA that it collected 45 lakhs while the film was sold at 2 crores.
Overseas distributors are afraid ‘Nela Ticket’ would meet the same fate and so are reluctant to acquire the rights, say sources.
Well, they seem to fear if the film makes them lick the floor as per the dialogue mouthed by Ravi Teja in the film, “Nela Ticket gaallatho pettukunte Nela naakinchestharu.”


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