Puri Jagannadh seeks Balayya Blessings

Mehbooba has dampened the hopes of Puri Jagannadh to bounce back. The maverick director has been in downtrend with series of debacles.
Mehbooba sprinkles salt on his wounds. Puri sold his Jubilee Hills villa to bankroll the film to promote his son Akash Puri as a mass hero. He i
ncurred more than 12 crore loss with the film ending up a dud. According to latest buzz, Puri is vying for Balakrishna to bail him out of losses.
Paisa Vasool that came in this crazy combination may have done wonders at box-office but the film garnered some buzz with interesting dialogues and hit songs.
Puri is said to have visited Balayya seeking his dates for another movie. to give him dates and apparently got a nod from the star.


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