Officer in trouble as SriReddy abused Pawan

Nagarjuna Officer
Sri Reddy abusing Pawan Kalyan is the latest tornado that is taking Tollywood by toss. Ram Gopal Varma claiming that it he who provoked Sri Reddy into doing so is additional twister. Film biggies have been condemning the acts. Naga Babu and Allu Arvind reacted on behalf of Mega Family.
Allu Arvind was asked if he would ask for ban on Ram Gopal Varma’s upcoming movie which happens to be Nagarjuna starrer ‘Officer’. The cop drama is set for release on May 25th. Teaser has been released recently. Officer has got good expectations as it is coming from Shiva pair Nag and RGV.
Allu Arvind has got good hold over theaters in both Telangana and AP besides Suresh Babu. So, Officer may face the brunt of ongoing SriReddy issue. Nagarjuna who shares good rapport with Chiranjeevi and family may have to intervene and sort out the issue.


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