RGV is a rogue – Allu Arvind

Allu Arvind addressed press meet on Sri Reddy issue. The mega producer reacted strongly on the actress abusing Pawan Kalyan. ” We are furious over her attack on our family member. She may be emotional in her protest. If her fault is 20%, Ram Gopal Varma who instigated her shares 80% of the crime. He is a rogue who kicks mother’s chest after drinking her milk. We are yet to know who is behind him,” said Arvind.  It is an attempt to malign Pawan Kalyan who has been working for welfare of people. We have respected his mission and stayed away from him, said he.
On casting couch, Arvind said a grievance cell has to be established with 50% members from film industry and 50% NGO members. Arvind questioned who would give Varma 5 crore that he offered to Sri Reddy. I talked to D Suresh Babu, he denied to have mediated through RGV and said he would abide by the law of the land.” Now, ball is in the court of Varma, we have to wait for his reaction.


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