Pawan Kalyan Avoiding Allu Aravind

Pawan Kalyan has a very good relationship with his family and it is alike from family as well except for one. Pawan Kalyan and Allu Aravind share a very good bond as family members but it Vise Versa when it comes to their political life.
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Allu Aravind  Allu Aravind is a finest businessman in Industry. His business strategies are so brilliant that it extends to family members as well. The best example for his marketing mind is his relation with Chiranjeevi and his hand in Praja Rajam Party.
As per few paid articles news, there are rumours that Allu Aravind is joining Janasena party and supporting it internally. Dousing off these reports Pawan Kalyan cadre has given clarity on Allu Aravind supporting Janasena.
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The last person that Pawan Kalyan would trust is Allu Aravind. He will not allow him to join or maintain the party as everyone knows what happened to PRP under his supervision.
Coming to the support of Mega Family support to Pawan Kalyan is just their love towards him and there are no hidden agendas in it.


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