Pawan Kalyan Glass Tumbler for Narendra Modi’s Chai!

Glass tumbler is set to create massive Toofan, said Ram Charan at Vinaya Vidheya Rama pre-release event graced by Chiranjeevi and KTR. Janasena chief performed Pooja and celebrated New Year at Janasena office in Amaravati. He will star his election campaign in AP promoting his election symbol glass tumbler.

Pawan opted the symbol as it is common man’s identification. However, rival party folks criticizing that Pawan’s choice of glass tumbler reiterates his secret pact with PM Narendra Modi as he’s known as Chaiwala. Though Pawan claims to be fighting with center, he is acting on directions of Modi, allege TDP and YSRCP folks.

Janasena may not create huge impact in elections but is expected to polarize votes and make it tough for the ruling and opposition parties to achieve clear majority. Thereby Janasena becomes a crucial player and Pawan becomes a kingmaker. If this happens, Pawan gets a call from Modi and is likely to be given any enviable post as Janasena is a party in disguise of BJP, opine rivals.

pawan kalyan janasena glass tumbler narendra modi


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