Priyanka Chopra apologizes for disgraceful Quantico episode

Priyanka Chopra is facing the flak from nationalists for her latest Quantico episode. In the American series aired on June 1st, it is shown that Indian nationalist plots a bomb blast in New York as a conspiracy against Pakistan to prove it to be terrorist state.

Priyanka who plays the lead role of Alex Parrish, a FBI agent identifies the Indian citizen as he wears a Rudraksh Mala as she cracks the ploy just ahead of Kashmir Summit.  The episode has to face backlash from within the country and Indian community in the US as well.

NRI claim to be most loyal citizens of USA are deeply hurt by the episode and feel insulted, read a statement by a Indian community association in the US. There has been huge outrage both in social media and offline.

Nationalists demanded strong action against Priyanka for acting in the scene degrading the motherland. With increasing outrage, Priyanka Chopra has apologized on her twitter.


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