Sri Reddy cornered by Abhimanyudu

Abhimanyudu, latest film that threw light on dark side of cyber world is running successfully in theaters.

Vishal is enjoying the success and have been giving promotional interviews to channels. In one of his candid chitchats, the Kollywood star said if Sri Reddy could involve Nani, she could name anyone including me.

As known, the infamous actress alleged that Natural star of sleeping with her several times. He issued legal notice for defamation in return.

On this issue, Vishal said: “I know Nani, he’s good friend of mine. Sri Reddy’s allegations are intolerable. Nani respects women. She cannot make such cheap accusations just like that. She has to provide evidence. It is matter of reputation of a public person and families involved. It appears to be she’s targeting celebs by crook. Never know, I could as well be her next target.”

However, Vishal agreed that casting couch is part of film industry. The actor said it has to be tackled with strong legal bodies in place. This kind of rupture where anybody can claim to have been a victim and misleading the actual cause of uprooting the dirty custom is unforgivable.


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