Sri Reddy reveals Star Director's name in casting couch

Actress Sri Reddy is creating tremors in Tollywood with her maligning allegations on star heroes and filmmakers. The actress has been all over media speaking about casting couch in the film industry. Sri Reddy revealed few big names accusing them of sexually exploiting her in the name of offering roles. She also warned to leak video proofs. She also is said to have received threatening calls.

Sri Reddy Warns Star Heroes And Directors

However, the bold beauty didn’t stop at it. Latest, Sri Reddy disclosed another celeb’s name. Recently, Sri Reddy alleged that a star director used her and many aspiring actresses. Now, she gives a hint as who he is. “Kommulu Vacchina Shekhar Athadu,” said she. Indeed its a tough puzzle that only the dumbest can’t answer. Hope you are not one.


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