Sri Reddy targets Bigg Boss 2 Contestant

Sri Reddy
Sri Reddy targets Bigg Boss 2 contestant, actor Samrat in her fresh allegations of casting couch. Sri Reddy revealed whatsapp chat messages with Samrat.
She alleged that Samrat sexually exploited her luring with film offers. “Samrat reddy weds Sri reddy..have fun in big boss ra..offer peru cheppi use chesi,Na sangathendhi ra ante,dheng.. leka mangalavaram avida ready ra bayataki ra cheppulu cheepurlutho readyga vuntam,” shared Sri Reddy on her social networking.
Samrat made his debut as actor in Yuvakulu in 2004. He paired Anushka in Panchakshari. He was married to Harshita Reddy in 2015. His wife filed dowry harassment case recently and also accused him of burglary at her house.



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