Why do Indian’s shy away from Bold Films?

Cinema somehow plays a major role in India for their cultural heritage. Indians celebrate cinema and idolize film stars.

Of late, cinema is exploring its boundaries with bold and hard-hitting content reflecting the harsh reality of the society and the contemporary world. Bringing these sensible movies to theaters is not an easy task for filmmakers as most Indians loath to accept it on the big screen. Films like ‘Kumari 21F’, ‘Arjun Reddy’, ‘Udtha Punjab’, ‘Aligarh’, Rockstar and ‘Vishwaroopam’ are some such films which faced troubles from censors and moral policing activists. The latest film to join the bandwagon is ‘Veera Di Wedding’. This movie has been critically acclaimed by the critics for its cheesy content, whereas for the same reason it has been banned in Pakistan.

Conceivably, these flicks have crossed stigma of commercial elements and won the hearts of people. But the question is, how far Indians are ready to accept the reality.
An individual has the quest to watch the film in spite of their ideological differences. We all blame the caste system of our country, but we are not ready to uproot it at the cost of reservations. We give Bashan not to spit or throw garbage in public, though we will be in the first place to do it. Similarly, one has the thirst to watch the strong content, but still, oppose it for namesake. However, there started a change in the mindsets of people and government.


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