Sudheer Babu said 'NO' to a cult film

Sudheer Babu
RX100 is the new sensation of Tollywood and with the phenomenal box office numbers, it is emerging as a cult movie.
While ‘RX100’ is having a dream run, there is a huge discussion in the tinsel town circles that a noted hero had reject this film. Well as per the gossips, it is Sudheer Babu. Director of ‘RX100’ Ajay Bhupathi had initially approached Sudheer Babu with the script. After roaming for around three to four months, director Ajay signed newcomer Kartikeya.
In just four days, ‘RX100’ has made over Rs 5 crore share and in its full run, the movie is likely to make over Rs 10 crore share. The satellite and other rights would be a huge bonus.


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