Takkar Movie Review

Takkar Movie Review
Takkar Movie Review

Cast: Siddharth, Divyansha Kaushik, Yogi Babu, Abhimanyu Singh, Vignesh
Director: Karthik G Krish

Takkar revolves around an ambitious yet impoverished young man who aspires to become wealthy. The film follows his journey as his desire leads him into trouble with the mafia while simultaneously falling in love with a spoiled, wealthy girl.


Siddharth appears with a goatee and a slightly different hairstyle than usual, along with his usual lean physique. However, the new look doesn’t quite suit him. The bigger issue lies in his lack of screen presence and a sense of weariness. It feels as though he is merely going through the motions of completing the film rather than actively engaging with it. While there are a few moments that showcase his dramatic side and some action sequences, they do little to enhance Siddharth’s performance. Takkar proves to be a forgettable experience for him as an actor, lacking any memorable moments.

Divyansha is portrayed as an ultra-glamorous siren. She comfortably takes on the role of showcasing skin show on screen and possesses a good on-screen presence. However, apart from the glamour quotient, there is little worth noting in her performance as an actor.


Takkar is written and directed by Karthik G Krish. The film combines several genres, including action, romance, and drama, with a mix of quirky and predictable characters.

The movie begins with a flashback, immediately capturing the viewer’s interest in the central character and the decision he takes. This curiosity continues as various characters are introduced, generating intrigue regarding the direction of the story.

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Unfortunately, the promising beginnings of these different threads are all that Takkar offers. The film lacks an engaging follow-through. The protagonist’s desire for wealth, the kidnapping mafia track, and the involvement of the Chinese characters fail to develop further within the narrative. These introductions and various storylines consume a significant portion of the first half. While they make for a somewhat passable viewing experience, curiosity arises about the progression of these characters and plotlines.

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Regrettably, the second half proves to be a massive disappointment. The different storylines are left behind as the narrative takes an entirely different direction. Instead, a long and laborious love track dominates the screen, appearing more as lust than genuine romance. The film becomes more focused on songs and exposing scenes, with minimal engaging dialogue. It feels as though Takkar has transformed into an entirely different film.

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The characters introduced in the first half only make sporadic appearances in the latter part. Even describing them as half-baked would be generous in this case. They seem to resurface merely to remind the audience of the film’s initial setup and to provide a climax for the love story.

The ending offers no respite, with its unconvincing and outlandish presentation. By the time the climax arrives, the once-prominent threat feels toothless.


  • Promising beginnings in the first half
  • Engaging initial setups


  • Underdeveloped characters
  • Tedious love track
  • Weak villain track
  • Lackluster songs and comedy


Overall, Takkar comes across as dated and half-baked, lacking a clear identity as either an action-thriller or a complete urban romance. The execution fails to convince the audience, with the second half further diminishing any interest the film initially managed to evoke. As a result, Takkar proves to be a forgettable cinematic experience.