Young beauty escaped from US Sex racket

As we feel great with Telugu movies faring extremely well in the US collecting millions of dollars, here we have another disgraceful blot on Tollywood in addition to casting couch menace.

A sex racket busted in the US recently involving Telugu film names shocked the industry. Young actresses have been flown to America on pretext of performances at events and are made to indulge in prostitution. Chicago based Telugu couple Kishan Modugumudi aka Vibha Jayam and his wife Chandra Modugumudi are arrested for running the sex racket.

The couple apparently have got good base of customers in the US who are willing to pay thousands of dollars to sleep with heroines for a night. The accused allegedly lured several young actresses and TV anchors into the ring.

A happening young heroine who has acted in couple of South movies also is said to be approached by the couple when she was shooting in USA. Apparently, she declined the invitation to join an event. Now, after learning that the couple are arrested the beauty must be feeling sigh of relief.


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