Pawan Kalyan seeks Nirbhaya Act on his Atyacharis

In his spree of tweets, Pawan Kalyan said he will establish ‘Aadapaduchula Atmagaurava Porata Samiti’ to counter casting couch in Telugu film industry. He added that Jana Sena’s Veera Mahila Vibhagam will support the cause. However, Pawan asked who would save people like him from Emotional Atyacharis like yellow media channels that he stated earlier.
Yesterday, the actor turned politician said that for past 6 months he and his fans have been soft targets of Emotional Atyacharis. He demanded boycott of three news channels for abusing mothers and sisters thereby degrading journalism values. Fans and followers have been blocking the channels. TRPs are said to be going down. People have been downloading TV9 app and giving feedback rating as 1. Attacking Pawan is costing big for the respective channels.


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